Advanced CCTV Technology, or A.C.T for short, is a revolutionary and exciting company offering you the highest quality service coupled with unbeatable turn around time.

We specialise in the fast service and superior quality repair of push camera's and mainline inspection systems. Our team of expert technicians are personally trained and lead by Brian Lang, who is without question the leading expert in the country and has expertise and experience with a wide range of brands.

What sets A.C.T. apart?

  • Our priority is to get you back on the job FAST.

  • We repair instead of replace whenever possible. This saves you time and money.

  • Our head technician has over 15 years experience and you will receive the highest quality workmanship

At A.C.T we promise:

  • All types and brands of equipment will be assessed.

  • We will do everything we can to get you back on the job fast.

  • We even offer priority servicing so you can skip the cue for urgent cases.

  • A.C.T. custom builds and/or modifies existing systems to suit your specific requirements.

  • Where possible we can repair or replace second hand instead of replacing new to suit your budget. 

  • Our technicians will communicate with you prior to commencing work on your system so there are no surprise costs.

  • We not only repair but also source and sell both new and second hand systems and cable.

  • Honesty, full disclosure, consistent fair pricing across the board and communication is what our business is based on and our commitment to you.

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No matter what your requirements we are happy to take all enquires.

CALL NOW to find out how we can help you quicker and with higher quality service than any other center in Australia!


Advanced CCTV Technology is the proud service center of:

The Jetters Edge

Kennard's Hire



Advanced CCTV Technology hourly rate is $130 + GST. Please note all prices, parts and labour are quoted exclusive of GST. Reterminatons start at $192.50 + GST. We are happy to arrange a courier service for you if necessary or you may use your own provider. We also do warranty jobs and liaise with the manufacturer on your behalf.


No job is too small















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Unique to the very core --

RAPTOR Cable is of the highest quality and more durable and cost effective then any other cable on the market. What makes it so unique is it's wire wound fiberglass rod. With standard cable, when a kink occurs often the fiberglass rod will split down the middle, destroying valuable lengths of cable. RAPTOR cable's fiberglass rod actually stops these splits from spreading, by containing the split to the area that has being kinked. This extends the life of the cable and saves precious inches. Additionally this fiberglass rod will keep the RAPTOR cable rigid for much longer. The current range of RAPTOR cable and the systems it fits are listed below. We will be expanding our range very soon and cable can also be made to order and starts at $21p/m + GST. 

  • BLU RAPTOR: Fits Ridgid Mini See Snake & Ridgid RM200

  • BLU RAPTOR 2: Fits Ridgid Standard SeeSnake

  • GRAY RAPTOR: Fits Troglotech T804 & PearPoint models


PushCam, Rigid, Trogolotech & More - New & Used

The PushCam product range features easy to operate systems to fulfill all your recording needs at incredibly affordable prices. 

A.C.T can also source new and used systems across a variety of brands. Just tell us what you are in the market for and watch us get you an unbeatable deal on a great system.

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24hr turn around time guaranteed!

Priority Servicing is a great service available for qualifying jobs when you find yourself in situation where you need your system back within a very short amount of time. Our technicians will work overtime to get you fixed up and back on the job, guaranteed within 24 hours but most often we can do it for you same day.

To see if you qualify for Priority Servicing our technician will give you a free mini on spot assessment when you bring in your system. Priority Servicing is charged at one and a half times the standard retermination price.


For a day, a week, a month or a year -- 

Whether you need a temporary system while yours is being repaired or a need more long term solution Advanced CCTV Technology has a range of different systems available for rental that will take care of all your inspection needs.

Don't delay call Advanced CCTV now and find out how we can help you today!



Don't just take our word for it...

Brian is always happy to help us and very knowledgeable. We highly recommend his service.

Bill - Jetter's Edge

Fast turn around, excellent prices, highly recommended.

Sam - Mr Drains

Advanced CCTV is the best. To find a place you can trust and you know has your best interests as their intention is invaluable. I won't go anywhere else

Matt - D&D Plumbing

I own several different systems, the fact ACT repair any system is great for me. I no longer have to drive all over NSW, wasting hours to get systems repaired. I just take all my needs to ACT and they have everything right as rain in a jiffy.

Jeremy - Jeremy MacPherson Plumbing

I have been a plumber many years, I have never found no one more skilled, quicker or easier to deal with then ACT. They have fixed jobs for me that other places said couldn't be done. I have also gotten them to fix previous bad repair jobs made to my system by the manufacturers technician while it was under warranty. They have never let me down.

Bob - Service Today

I got referred to Brian by a mate. He fixed my camera on the spot. I have never been back on the job so quickly.That priority servicing is a life saver!

Jeff - Pipeline Plumbing

Just used the new Blu Raptor on an old Rigid camera. Through seven bends made it down to the Boundary Trap, over disjointed and separated pipe. Worked a treat.

Stuart - Dr Drip



Unit 44/ 8 Jullian Close, Banksmeadow, NSW, 2019

(Jullian Close is parallel to Bunnings on Denison St, Hillsdale)

Turn left up the ramp next to North Shore Timber, then take your first right and you're there!

Brian Lang +61 450 393 765


Brian Lang +61 450 393 765

Sarah Mawbey +61 425 802 788